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My Work

      I make redware sgraffito and slipware. The word sgraffito is derived from the Italian word “sgraffire”, meaning to scratch. Even though it is an ancient technique, it was also used by early American redware potters.

I paint the leather-hard red or black clay pot with an opaque white engobe or slip. After this surface has air dried slightly, I carve through the slipped areas to the base clay to create the designs. Following a drying period, the piece is bisqued and after bisquing, the form is covered with a lead-free glaze and fired one more time. An antiquing finish is applied to the unglazed surfaces as a final step.

      Originally, I was influenced by the 18th century Pennsylvania German potters. My work has since evolved and I am influenced by folk art from all over the world, every day objects, patterns, animals and personal symbolism. I also collaborate with master potter Rick Hamelin, of Pied Potter Hamelin, on wheel thrown pottery.

      The running cat paw prints on the reverse of all the Kulina Folk Art and Pied Potter Hamelin tableware began by one of our cats, AshbyAshby, leaping onto the slab of clay. Rick had found an old brick with a dog’s paw print on it and thought it to be a unique way to make an association between our work.

      My intent is to bring enjoyment to the people who collect my work, as much enjoyment as I get from making it.




Group Exhibitions

2009 Sept. 18-Oct. 24 - History in the Making IV,

a National Juried Exhibition, Ceramic Traditions - Contemporary Pots, The Firehouse Gallery at Genesee Pottery, Rochester, NY

2009 Aug. 15-Oct. 18 - “Historic Interpretation”

Contemporary artists interpret the historic collection at the Peabody Historical Society and Museum, Osborne-Salata House, Gideon Foster House, Peabody, MA

2009 July 18-Sept. 13 - “Clay-town,” Sheffield Ceramics Exhibit. The exhibit integrates local historical research with the sgraffito and slipware designs of Hamelin and Arakelian, Sheffield, MA

2008 Sept.-Oct. - History in the Making III

A National Juried Exhibition, The Firehouse Gallery at Genesee Pottery, Rochester, NY,

Honorable Mention

2008-2009 May 18, 2008-Feb. 8, 2009

Keepers of Tradition, National Heritage Museum,

Lexington, MA

2007 Sept.-Oct. - Anna Maria College

Invitational, Paxton, MA

1993 Worcester Center for Crafts, Faculty Show

1987 Summer’s World Center for the Arts

Faculty Show, Worcester, MA


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June 2006 Worcester Telegram & Gazette, article

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June 2005 New England Antiques Journal

featured artisan


Bachelor of Arts, Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA

Worcester Art Museum, Fine Art and Art History


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Redware Jar (1830-1840), Esmerian Collection at Sotheby Auction, January 25, 2014 Platter by Garine Arakelian of Kulina Folk Art, Private Collection