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About the Artists and Our Redware Pottery Marks

Gariné (ga-renée) Arakelian, a third generation artist, and Master Potter Rick Hamelin have been making pottery together since 1990, the year they got married and moved to Warren, Massachusetts. Gariné’s teaching, graphic design and museum background have come together in her pottery line, Kulina Folk Art. Culina is the Latin word for kitchen/oven/kiln and is the root word for culinary. Her work is inspired by antiques, animals and nature, every day objects, personal symbolism and experiences.

Rick has been potting since 1976 and is researching the historical redware potters and clay industries of New England, especially, Masachusetts. Like Gariné, he had been a teacher and worked in museums. He is also a popular demonstrator and lecturer with numerous completed programs sponsored in part by Massachusetts Cultural Council grants. The Pied Potter Hamelin pottery business dates to 1985. Pied Potter Hamelin can be taken linguistically apart and understood as a “Colorful Potter from a Small Town”. Pied means multicolored, potter is the trade and Hamelin translates into “one from a small town”.

The paw prints on the reverse of all the Kulina and Pied Potter plates and platters began by one of their cats, Ashby, simply leaping onto the slab of clay. Rick recalled finding an old brick with a dog print on it and thought that this would be a unique way to create an association between their two products. The running paw prints are copyrighted.

Gariné and Rick thank you for the appreciation that you have for their work. Feel free to call or email them with any questions. Please do call ahead if you are planning to come by, but do note that they don’t have a storefront to sell their wares. They are self-employed and may not be available for guests.

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